Welcome to the

Broward County Kampers Klub Unlimited

"One of the Largest African American RV Clubs in the United States"

Welcome to the website for the Broward County Kampers Klub Unlimited, a chartered member of the National African American RVer's Association (NAARVA) since 1986. We are members of the NAARVA Southern Region and we reside in Broward County, Florida and the surrounding areas.


Bennie Jackson - President

Azell Johnson - First Vice President

David Jernigan - Second Vice President

Dianne Jackson - Recording Secretary

Cherry Ann Alexander - Asst. Recording Secretary

Judy Tolbert - Financial Secretary

Dessie Turner - Treasurer

Melissa Leon - Chaplain

We are a family-oriented, not-for-profit camping association for persons who use recreational vehicles. The freedom of adventure, concern for the environment and a love of travel characterize all of our members. Membership is open to persons of any race, creed, color, sex, veteran status, religion or national origin that use a self-contained recreational vehicle.

We are a fun loving group of people who love to get together and fellowship wherever our RV's travel. We camp together every other month and go to other RV functions as well, including the NAARVA Southern Region and National Rallies. During our camping trips, in addition to our club meeting, we have dinner hosted by two rigs and plenty of fun, including karaoke, games, enjoying campground amenities and dancing.

We hope you enjoy our website and if you would like to join us, feel free to email or call.

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Website www.bckkinc.com